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The Philosophy

There is no reason to be afraid of public speaking “Public Speaking” is nothing more than having a conversation with 2 or more people – about something you feel passionate about – while you just happen to be standing up. Every person, no matter how shy, now introverted, how inexperienced, is inherently charismatic and inherently capable of giving a speech or a presentation that can shake the world. Over the past 28 years I have had the privilege of training approximately 35,000 people, in 33 countries on 5 continents. Among those are Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries, Governors of states, Senators and Congresspersons, political candidates, members of The House of Lords, CEOs, CFOs and Chairpersons of corporations, actors, models, athletes and even The Princess of Wales. There is no one, not one person, that can not be a great speaker. Quickly.

The Approach

My team of trainers is trained to walk every client through “The 7 Secrets” of the world’s greatest speakers. Improvement - any improvement at all - in any one of these 7 categories creates an exponential increase in one’s ability as a speaker. It’s actually pretty magical. We focus on:
Secret #1


Making your words compelling, especially through a powerful understanding of how to best tell stories.
Secret #2


Using the "4 Secrets" that Adele and every other great singer and impressive speaker uses - to make the tone of your voice engage every person in the audience.
Secret #3

Body Language

Body Language, Body Language, Body Language! We train on the "5 Aspects" of a great speaker's body language, including an entirely new way to look at audiences and to listen.
Secret #4

Lasered compelling message

We'll show you how to take all of the data and information you want to share and turn it all into a "Lasered, Compelling Message" that becomes a memorable mantra for the audience.
Secret #5


Helping you relax and connect with the audience by turning your "speech" or your "presentation," like all great speakers do, into a personal "conversation."
Secret #6

The four languages of human communication

Analyzing which of the four languages you speak fluently and which you don’t. Then, like teaching golf or tennis, we show you how to access and communicate, powerfully and fluently, the "languages" you have not yet mastered and then help you develop those. Everyone is a "4 Language Communicator" but very few - other than the truly great, charismatic speakers - have developed that natural ability.
Secret #7

Authentic Passion

None of the tools or approaches mean anything unless, and until, you bring an honest, authentic passion for your subject, idea, or product to your speech. Otherwise, this is acting and manipulation, and we will not participate in that. Unless you are authentically passionate about what you are speaking about... sit down and don’t give it. We can, and do, help people find that passion for their subject - even if it is about "bylaws" or the densest, most academic subjects in the world.

The Process

There are four ways for us to guarantee that you will become a significantly, tangibly better speaker in an incredibly short period of time.

Private In-Person Sessions

This is the quickest way. In Person Sessions are half (5 hour) and full day (10 hour) trainings but can be split into multiple days and sessions to meet your schedule and training needs. During the day we can work on perfecting a specific speech, getting over the fear of public speaking, perfecting your ability to deliver a powerful written or extemporaneous speech…or all three. The sessions are videotaped.

Small Group Sessions

This is the most fun and team building for executive teams, sales teams, companies. and even social or business groups. Small Group Sessions are half (5 hour) and full day (10 hour) trainings with anywhere from 3-12 individuals participating. The longer the session and the smaller the number of participants, the more individual time is available for each person.

The 60 Metrics Training Clinics

The 60 Metrics (derived from The 7 Secrets) are broken down into five 1/2 Day Clinics, each focusing on a specific set of skills. Choose one 1/2 Day Clinic or all of them. Clinics are on request for individual companies and, occasionally, available for the general public in Los Angeles, New York and London. Please contact to schedule Private Sessions with Richard or any of his team members and Chris Lee at for the Small Group and 60 Metrics Training Clinics.

Remote Sessions

Individual Skype or telephone sessions are also available and frequently done as we have clients all over the world. We do not have to see you to help you write a great speech, get over your fear or improve your ability to deliver a powerful speech. Drafts of speeches can be emailed and links to videos – of past speeches or practice sessions of current ones – can be sent for.

Do your words shake the world?
The 60 Metrics of a world class speaker

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